The child-pornography myth

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Not only was the business of child pornography largely fiction, so were most lurid reports of organized sexual exploitation. There is no credible evidence, for instance, to support claims of child auctions in Amsterdam, of toll-free numbers and mail-order houses for child prostitutes, of child "snuff" films, satanic molestation rituals or, as Michael Jupp, executive director of Defence for Children International, testified to Congress, "{American} chains of brothels and bordellos ... where children are kept under lock and key." There are no networks of individuals exchanging children. There in currently only one active pedophile organization - the North American Man/Boy Love Association - and NAMBLA operates wholly within the law as a lobbying and support organization. A recent report issued by the United States Senate cleared NAMBLA of any involvement in the production of child pornography. No children whose photographs appeared in child-pornography magazines and films were ever known or suspected to have been the victims of murder.

source: Article 'The Child-Pornography Myth' by Lawrence A. Stanley; Playboy; September 1988