The dark side of David Bowie

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After David Bowie's death took us all by surprise Monday, the tributes overwhelmed. [...] But in between the "Labyrinth" GIFs, the retrospectives and moving tributes to his style and gender performance, a quiet pushback began online, too. Don't forget this part of the story, the messages suggested, with links to this earlier interview shared: "I lost my virginity to David Bowie: Confessions of a '70s groupie," in which Lori Mattix (her name has historically also been spelled "Maddox" in press accounts) recounts her teenage days in the Los Angeles rock scene. Mattix had, in her own words, consensual sex with not only Bowie - at age 15 - but with Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger as well.

source: Article 'The dark side of David Bowie' by Erin Keane;;; 13 January 2016