The implied message of Israel as an oppressor upset me

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Dear NAMBLA Bulletin:

Page 9 of the April Bulletin made me so angry that I could not sleep an entire night thinking about it. The montage on that page, showing boys from a variety of oppressive situations, contains a pernicious message. Titling the composition "Connect the Dots" added a malicious note. The implied message of Israel as an oppressor upset me that much more because it had the same facile air of condemnation by which most of society would crucify the readers of this Bulletin. [...]

As a child in Europe, I escaped the Nazi annihilation of Jews. Most of my family and countless others did not. This holocaust convinced the survivors that only nationhood could prevent a similar thing from ever happening again. I share that belief. Moreover, I believe that despite its temporary might, Israel is a very vulnerable country. If it ever fails, no Jew anywhere will be safe. Two thousand years of history has borne this out. Despite all of this, I identify as a boy-lover first and can certainly sympathize with the plight of Palestinian youths denied a national identity. The villain, however, is not the Isreali occupation mentioned in the caption but the dynamics within the Middle East which has put Israel into this role.

source: Letter by P.M.; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol 9, n. 7; September 1988