Troye Sivan's new song 'Bloom' is about gay sex

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Troye Sivan has a new song and it's all about being on the receiving end of gay sex. The Australian-South African singer introduced his new song "Bloom" and its lyric video on Wednesday and confirmed fan theories that the song is about bottoming. [...]

The lyrics to "Bloom" include the line: "Take a trip into my garden, I've got so much to show ya." The song's pre-chorus continues: "I need you to tell me right before it goes down / Hold my hand if I get scared now / Take a second, baby, slow it down."

The pop star came out in two YouTube videos back in 2013, telling his fans "I want you guys to know." "This is not something I'm ashamed of, and this is not something anyone should have to be ashamed of," he added. "I know this could change everything for me, but it shouldn't have to, and this is why I'm making this video."

source: Article 'Troye Sivan's new song 'Bloom' is about gay sex' by Claire Toureille;; PinkNews; 3 May 2018