Two-thirds of British people think gay sex is 'not wrong at all'

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A record 68 percent of British people think that gay sex is "not wrong at all," according to newly released government research. The British Social Attitudes Survey 2017, which was published earlier this month by the Government Equalities Office, also showed that an all-time low of 17 percent thought gay sex was "always" or "mostly" wrong. This figure stood at 50 percent of the British public back in 1998. The percentage of people who think there is nothing wrong with same-sex relations has increased in every study since 1987, when just 11 percent of people approved of gay sex. [...]

While a large majority of the British public seemingly feels comfortable with same-sex relationships, attitudes towards trans people were not as accepting in the survey. A slim majority of people said that anti-trans prejudice was always wrong, at 52 percent. However, 39 percent of people said that discriminating against trans people wasn't always wrong. Younger respondents were more likely to hold tolerant views than older people, the survey showed. [...]

Research published last month by Office for National Statistics showed a lower proportion of straight people in Britain ever recorded. The study found that in 2017, 93.2 percent of people identified as straight. This figure was down from 93.4 percent in 2016, and down from 94.4 percent when the first numbers were collected in 2012. the stats, which came from the government's annual population survey, also showed that two percent of people in Britain are lesbian, gay or bisexual. [...] Respondents aged between 16 and 24 were more than twice as likely to identify as LGB, with 4.2 percent doing so. This age group also had the highest proportion of people who defined their sexuality as "other," at 0.9 percent, and who either refused to confirm their sexual orientation or said they didn't know, at 5.3 percent.

source: Article < Two-thirds of British people think gay sex is 'not wrong at all' > by Josh Jackman;; PinkNews; 13 February 2019