U.N. proposes initiative to ban loli, shota, and underage 'drawings and cartoons'

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The United Nations has proposed an international initiative for all involved State parties to tighten their restrictions and prohibition of child exploitation and the proliferation and spread of that content. While on the surface this may seem like a noble effort, the prohibition of said material also extends to drawn and animated images as well, which could include all things loli. [...]

However, on page 14 section 56, the U.N., defines what they view as child pornography, widely classifying anything that contains underage persons, whether fictional or real, stating... "Child pornography is defined in article 2 OPSC as 'any representation of a child engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities, regardless of the means used, or any representation of the sexual parts of a child for primarily sexual purposes'. The qualification ‘by whatever means’ reflects the broad range of material available in a variety of media, online and offline. It includes, inter alia: visual material such as photographs, movies, drawings and cartoons; audio representations; any digital media representation; live performances; written materials in print or online; and physical objects such as sculptures, toys, or ornaments." [...]

Obviously, this draft proposal did not go down well at all with the general public, especially across Japanese Twitter, since this would pretty much cripple the manga and doujin industry. [...]

The general gist is that they're criticizing the U.N.'s new protocol for trying to give "non-existent" youths the rights of real-life youths. This is similar to when the U.N., previously tried to come after Japan in particular to get them to stop selling mangas, animes, and hentai that contained sexual violence against female characters. Japan rightly responded by claiming that the animation and manga industry within the industry employees many people, including females, and that disrupting that business to protect fictional, non-real persons was absurd.

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