Uncommon Desires 03

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Cherubs in distress: girls and propaganda (p. 2)

For a new society: a political approach to paedophilia (p. 3)

Police blotter (p. 5)

School not kiddin' with wife, 13 (p. 7)

Paedophilia: focus on the child - by Frits Bernard (p. 7)

Mark Twain & Paul Gauguin, Girl-lovers (p. 9)

But what do the girls have to say? (p. 10)

Emily (poem by n.s. aristoff) (p. 11)

Hearts & minds: the failure of sex abuse education (p. 11)

On the train (poem by n.s. aristoff) (p. 13)

Starlight hotel (film review) (p. 13)

New trends in law enforcement: child sex porn/sex stings - by Lawrence A. Stanley (p. 14)

Sexual attraction, sexual preference, & pedophilia as a sexual identity (p. 20)

Girl power (p. 23)

Magazine as pdf-file: Uncommon Desires 03

source: Uncommon Desires, Number 3; Summer 1989