Understanding childhood sexualities

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There is much evidence from biology, anthropology, psychology and sociology on the irrefutable existence of a potential or capacity for something that can be called 'sexual' by young children - a capacity that is often manifested in various 'sexual' behaviours. In those societies where sexuality is viewed positively and encouraged amongst children, nearly all boys and girls move from a vague fingering of the genitals in the very early years to a systematic masturbation by the age of six to eight and coital relations may frequently be experienced prior to puberty (Ford and Beach, 1965; Ch. 10).

source: 'Understanding Childhood Sexualities' by Ken Plummer, PhD, University of Essex'; Taken from the book 'MALE Intergenerational Intimicy - Historical, Socio-psychological, and Legal Perspectives' by Sandfort, Theo (PhD) - Brongersma, Edward (JD) - Naerssen, Alex van (PhD): Editors; Harrington Park Press - New York / London; 1991