What happened to Sweden's Pirate Party?

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Rick Falkvinge's Pirate Party suffered a crushing defeat in the Swedish national election which ended on Sunday. Coming off a 7% victory a year ago in the EU elections, they failed to get more than one twentieth of that a year later. [...] So what happened? Here are a few of the theories found on the web. {Note: these are not the theories or opinions of this website or the authors of this article.} [...]

Speculation that Rick Falkvinge is a pedofile. This is plausible and this is most likely because he pointed out that IP lobbies and censorhip fanatics always begin by talking about child pornography and then use this as a battering ram to force even more censorship. The buzz was that Falkvinge wanted to legalise child pornography and sex with minors. Falkvinge said himself that he'd get into trouble by discussing the issue and he was right. [...]

Falkvinge thinks statutory rape is OK. Falkvinge agreed to an interview with Expressen where he said in so many words that sex with minors is OK. One might think statutory rape is often too expansively defined - that's your right - but you don't tell people that in a run-up to an election.

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