Why America?

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There's a bunch of nasty stuff getting talked about (discretely) over on Boychat, and I've been trying to catch up on the facts, which mostly means digging through perverted and related blogsites, and reading between the lines... I'm sad and I'm depressed, and there's really no reason for this post, just me trying to make some sort of sense out of the way I'm feeling...

Over the past while I've been following the NVD [PNVD] party's journey through dutch politics, and I'm struck by the incredible difference between what happens there, and what happens here - at least next door to me, in America... They had a few windows broken, Norbert got cut from his classes, and ad was made unwelcome in his home, true, but it all seemed so civilized, by comparison to what's happening here. perhaps Norbert could correct me on this, but Holland is also home to a large Nazi contingent, with an avowed dislike of paedophiles, and yet... I don't see Marthijn and Norbert and Ad living in fear of their lives, or of losing their essential freedoms. People are civilized over there, and they speak their opinions, they don't pull the kind of shit we see here. They don't pull that kind of shit here in Canada either. Why America?

There's a man in Florida, a boylover, who has been incarcerated well over four years now, and still hasn't seen trial. I'll link you, if you care. People are being prosecuted for photographing girls in swimsuits, on the premise that these images could only be for the sexual gratification of people like us. There's any number of us living in fear that the slightest mistake, online or off, would lead to them being exposed by vigilantes, and the fear of what that exposure would do to them is very real, irrespective they have only been expressing an opinion. We're scared of even expressing an opinion right here, on our own site, for fear of what might happen (again) to our hosting. These fears are real, they're not paranoia, it's all quite true. Why? And why America? I can't answer that, but I'm going to try...

Moving on - what's bothering me is the animus. Hands up how many of us are still full of hope, still ready to take them on, whatever it takes? Hands up how many are feeling dragged down, dirtied, molested, raped even? America is the predator. That's my answer. That's why this is happening - America knows her own, knows that many of them would molest, even rape, if they could. our orientation is nothing more than a convenient excuse, and it's the one exemption left - we're the last remaining acceptable victims. I'm going to get shot down for this, I always am, but there's a pattern.

source: 'albertRoss' at www.annabelleigh.net/messages/375967.htm; Girl Chat; 1 December 2006