Why child pornography should be legal

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By: Amos Yee

I feel that child pornography should be legal. Now bear in mind: I'm not a pedophile. I really don't want to fuck children, not my style. Lesbians on Youtube will suffice. And also I don't think I'll ever engage in child pornography because the penalties are way too high unless the laws become abolished and at some point in my life I get interested. The reason why I'm speaking up against the illegalization of child pornography is because I think that it is a fascist law that violates human rights and it needs to be abolished.

Amos in one of his Youtube videos

Defining Child Pornography

Now typically in a First World country a minor i.e. child is defined as anyone below the age of eighteen. So anyone who produces or distributes sexual images of anyone below eighteen will get arrested. Now more people would agree that teenagers, who are already able to write and read and have raging sexual hormones should be allowed to engage in porn and would be more willing to partition to reduce the legal age of consent to say twelve. But I'm not satisfied with that. I just don't want to protect the rights of teenagers, I want to protect the rights of every human being since the time of birth. So I'm not just a child porn advocate, I'm a baby porn advocate. So I reiterate, when I say I want child porn, I'm saying I want every human being - adult, teenager, child, baby - to be able to fuck, film themselves fucking and distribute it without being put to jail.

Difference Between Child Porn And Rape

Now I want to make it very clear for a stop(?) that although I think that child pornography should be legal I still think that rape should be illegal. So understand the distinction. Rape is engaging in sex with a person without their permission. So child porn isn't rape or child abuse if the child consents to having sex.

The Issue Of Consent

Consent by definition simply means approval. If you fuck a person in a vegetative state who is incapable of responding to stimuli, of course it is rape, because the person did not give their consent. But children and babies - everyone from birth - who is able to respond to stimuli can give consent. People will now be shouting at their screens and saying: 'No!, children can't give consent!' And they will give the following reasons which are a breeze to debunk.

1. Legally Children Below Eighteen Are Not Allowed To Consent

This is the most retarded argument I have ever heard. Just because there is a law in place in a country doesn't mean it is right. As you can tell, I'm being sent to jail for insulting Islam. And just because your country is not in an age of totalitarianism shit fuck like Singapore but a Western country like America, does not mean you don't have flawed anti free speech fascist laws. This child porn one clearly demonstrates this.

2. Children's Sexual Organs Have Not Yet Fully Developed, It Will Permanently Hurt Them

First of all child porn isn't just fucking, naked pictures of a child and a child and an adult making out in a sensual manner also constitutes to child porn. But pertaining to sex, of course it's a fact that children are typically small and when faces with an adult's cock would have their sexual organs fucking up literally. But regardless, if a child still consents he should have the rights to do it. Similar to how adults can take a knife and chop off their balls to show loyalty to a religious cult. Keep in mind, you as a caring parent who would probably be the biggest influence to your child's life for the first eight years or so, can enlighten him on how dangerous an adult's cock can be. So if your child consents to have an adult fuck him in the ass and his ass is permanently punctured, and afterwards he regrets it, that's not the fault of child pornography, that's more the fault of bad parenting.

3. The Child Will Most Likely Make A Misinformed/Regretful Decision Because Of A Less Developed Brain

That's absolutely true. Of course adults having more developed brains and having more experience, will be less likely to make regretful decisions than children. However, that should not give the law authority to take away those children's rights to make those bad decisions. Like all of us, children should be able to freely make bad decisions and learn. Why is it only child pornography that is dissaposed(?) bad decision, that is illegalized. Why isn't children joining gangs or joining religious cults illegal? And if you're going to use brain development as an argument then why isn't it illegal for retarded adults to make porn? What about depressed people with mental defects? Should they not be allowed to engage in porn too? If retarded people and depressed people are still allowed to do porn children should be too. For a consolation keep in mind: people with less developed brains are more likely to make bad decisions but they are also more likely to receive voluntary guidance to prevent them from making those bad decisions. For a child it's most likely a parent. The fundamental argument for freedom is individual responsibility. If a person commits a crime or makes what he considers to be a regretful decision based on say a book, he should be blamed, not the author of that book. So if a child consents and engages in porn but then is traumatized later, once again blame the child and bad parenting, not the people who convinced him to engage in that child porn. Having a less developed brain doesn't exempt you from that.

Concerning Baby Porn

When arguing against baby porn, people make it seem like babies are in a vegetative state, not capable of responding to stimuli, which is of course not true. Babies are perfectly capable of using facial expressions and gestures to show approval nonverbally. So if a baby shows consent in engaging in porn they should be allowed to. Of course babies are a little more tricky because they can't even talk. For an adult their movements look arbitrary and it's hard to interpret whether they are showing approval or not. For example: say an adult rubs his cock on a baby's bum and the baby seems receptive but afterwards the adult plunges his cock into the baby's ass but then the baby shrieks in terror and then moves away. That is rape. The adult misinterpreted it. The baby only wanted it soft on the outside but not hard on the inside. Get what I'm saying. The risk of misinterpreting whether a child wants an actions to be taken on him or not is extremely difficult. In fact that can also imply to preteen children too. So adults take note. So really think about it. Isn't it true that a law in place that legalizes child pornography but still forbids rape not only grants children the rights to engage in porn but is still effective in deterring adults from engaging in child porn. But the reason why baby porn should still be legal is due to the very special though plausible instance where a baby when faced with an adult's cock without a doubt shows consent in wanting to play with it. If it feels absolute joy with it being pounded in his ass and he should be allowed to do it and his adult partner shouldn't be sent to jail for it.

The Worst Law In The World

The United States' law on child pornography is one of the most frightening things I have ever seen in my life. For disobeying the child pornography law - the law that violates human rights - distributing child porn guarantees a minimum of five years in jail and a maximum of twenty. And for producing child porn it guarantees a minimum of fifteen years in jail, with a maximum of thirty. Are you angered yet? Are you angered yet? Are you outraged? I want you to feel outraged. I want you to feel outraged that a law like this exist with the punishment of this scale is typical of a First World country. This is the only law in America that violates freedom of expression, that is not protected by First Amendment rights. This law is literally violating the Constitution. The law that is above all other laws. And yet nobody has done anything about it. For its deplorable harshness and sanction of this absolute violation of human rights. Illegalizing child pornography is in my opinion the most disgusting law in the world by far. And yet nobody has done anything about it because they are afraid of being called a pedophile.


So it's true when I said; you know technically I'd be way more accepting of Allah compared to normal Muslims. I'm totally alright with fucking several wives and fucking children, really I am. It wasn't meant to be sarcastic. I think it was perfectly fine for Muhammad to fuck nine year old Aisha. And I never condemned Mohammed for that. And since Mohammed would be in favor of it, at least unlike my previous works this video isn't islamophobic. Get what I'm sayin'.

I'm very aware that this video is on the brink of self-satire from how funny all this talk of baby fucking is. But I'm being very serious. These laws are essentially taking away the rights of people. And just because these people are below eighteen or babies should not give you the authority to take away those rights. Any form of restriction to consensual actions or words is fascism. So if you still continue supporting the illegalization of child pornography, I'm sorry to say, you are a fascist. I understand that since this topic has never been seriously discussed before and so many of my good friends hear say that I'm a child porn advocate they would immediately say that it's disgusting. Because most people though logical when faced with a topic that they are uninformed about would still be quick to judge. But now that all of you are informed I hope you change your mind and I hope you become a child porn advocate, just like me. Freedom and liberty should be granted to everyone. Adults, and children alike. For a better world, without fascism, fight for child porn.

source: Transcript from video 'Why Child Pornography Should be Legal' by Amos Yee; www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGAU1ap1scc; YouTube; 11 July 2016