A look into the future? - Dutch party pushes pedophilia, pornography, bestiality, soft/hard drugs

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There's nothing wrong with pedophilia or bestiality, a party spokesman from the PNVD—a Dutch acronym that translates into "brotherly love, freedom and diversity," - told Cybercast News Service (CNS). [...] Norbert DeJonge [de Jonge], secretary of the party told CNS that the party's only moral criterion for justifying sex with children or animals is consent. "Let's take a child that isn't able to speak. Just like an animal -- even a baby is able to smile or to cry when it respectively doesn't like something or does like something," DeJonge said. "So the question is not whether an animal or a child can show its resentment or give its consent. The question is whether the adult will notice the expression of the animal or the child and what its feelings are." The party's platform echoes the cry of the sexual revolutionaries of the 1960's: "If it feels good, do it," stating, "people should have as much freedom as possible as long as they don't harm others." CNS reports that the party is also lobbying for private possession of child pornography; the right of children to smoke drink and vote at the age of 12, to use "soft" drugs like marijuana at 12 and "hard drugs" like cocaine and heroin at 16. [...] The party is currently lobbying to have the age of consent lowered in Dutch law to 12 from 16 and would like to see an age of consent requirement abolished altogether.

Whether the party is successful will be seen, but the move, according to some observers is just another logical step in a long trend of social erosion in the Netherlands which other countries seem only too eager to follow. The Netherlands has led the world in its eagerness to throw off traditional moral and civil codes of conduct since the rebuilding of Europe following the second world war. It boasts a long list of "firsts." It was among the first countries in the world to legalize "soft" drugs, prostitution, euthanasia and same-sex "marriage," polygamy, and now, euthanasia for children and infants.

These examples are now being followed by other states. The policies of the pedophilia party only shift the pendulum slightly more to the left, a shift which has historically been followed by a gradual global imitation. Since the legalization of euthanasia in the Netherlands, numerous jurisdictions, including Belgium and the US state of Oregon, have legalized euthanasia or physician assisted suicide and political agitation to allow the practice has dramatically increased around the world including in Switzerland, Britain, Canada and Australia. In addition, passive euthanasia—death by withdrawal of food and hydration—has become a widespread practice in hospitals and is often sanctioned by courts. Last month, pro-family advocates in this country were dismayed when a poll revealed that over 10% of Canadians do not believe pedophilia to be immoral.

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