Australian pedophile group 'Blaze' comes under fire

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Since November 1987, there has been a vicious attack by the Australian government on Blaze, the group into which the former Australian Pedophile Support Group as reorganized. The February 1988 Blaze Bulletin reports that the premier of New South Wales, Barry Unswoth, announced the formation of a "40-man" task force to destroy the group. "The task force turned out to be eight police who taped the phone of a member and went round harassing former boy- friends, workmates, and raiding homes," Steve Angel wrote in the Bulletin. "One member was charged with some offenses that could mean life; others lost jobs, homes and possibly freedom as well. However, Blaze was not found to be an illegal group in itself, and we are still here." In midst of the attack, Angel reports "fantastic and widespread support" from civil liberties and gay groups. For fear that March elections will make Blaze vulnerable for future attacks, the group is laying low for the time being.

source: Article 'Australian Pedophile Group 'Blaze' Comes Under Fire' by Bill Andriette; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 9 n. 3; April 1988