Dutch political party wants to normalize pedophilia

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The PNVD also wants to outlaw the eating of animals and advocates for animal rights in general. "The United Nations has the Human Rights Declaration and we think that there should be a similar declaration for animals," said DeJonge [De Jonge]. He said he is angered by how animals are treated. "They cut off teeth without anesthetics and they cut off tails. That's still legal. It's unbelievable! They're living creatures." The PNVD secretary said he finds it strange that some people want to outlaw bestiality, which is currently legal in the Netherlands, while having no problem with the killing of animals for food. "It's very strange we kill animals and we treat them like sh** and then we say it's very strange to allow bestiality." [...]

But Saunders [U.S.-based Family Research Council (FRC)] said DeJonge's views about bestiality "are ludicrous." "Even on their own level, where is consent involved with a non-rational animal?" he asked.

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