ILGA and the UN - ILGA and NAMBLA

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We are very astonished and embarrassed at the way in which ILGA is trying to deal with this sort of political blackmail: ILGA seems to be willing to "disassociate itself" from ILGA members like NAMBLA. The BUNDESVERBAND HOMOSEXUALITÄT (BHV), a nationwide association of gay groups in Germany, protests against this and urgently request ILGA not to give in to political blackmail - even if ILGA's NGO-status should also be called in question by other UN members.

The aims of NAMBLA and other groups - e.g. the Action group 'Pedophilia' within the BVH - are as consonant with the aims of ILGA as those of other ILGA members. The pedophiles stand for a minority within the gay and lesbian movement, and it is quite cynical to ask them for a "token of solidarity" by withdrawing from ILGA. On the contrary, solidarity must be demonstrated and expressed by the majority with and for every kind of minority. As a result of the actions planned by ILGA representatives not only NAMBLA (and "Martijn") but the pedophile issue itself will be expelled from the ILGA, and the worldwide gay and lesbian movement will be divided into those pledging political opportunism and those who stand against those who are willing to question gay and lesbian solidarity.

We ask NAMBLA, "Martijn" and other pedophile groups not to withdraw their ILGA membership, and we are convinced that any attempt to expel NAMBLA and others from ILGA will be rejected by the vast majority of ILGA members.

(Wolfram Setz)
member of the executive committee

source: Letter 'ILGA and the UN - ILGA and NAMBLA' by Wolfram Setz; Letter to ILGA; 25 October 1993