Interview with photographer Will McBride

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The criticism came mostly from the catholic church! The priests condemned me. [...] Ten years later there was this women movement boiling up. They didn't like my book [title: Show me] either and condemned me. Then started the story with the pedophiles. It seems, that they have bought my book very often. So much, that the TIME magazine as they made an article about pedophilia in America in the mid 80's they took my pictures from the book "Show me". But my book has nothing to do with pedophilia. I was very upset. I wanted to sue the TIME magazine. At this time I was a member from ASMP and I called the lawyer from ASMP. And he said at the end, you can't sue the TIME magazine. That's hopeless. And so this book slided down. Until now, this book has this stigma.

The state wants its people to have fear. People, who have no fear, don't follow the state. That's a little bit crazy, but that's my way of thinking. Also the church, the holy one, lives from fear. The people go to church, because they have fear. They are afraid of death, afraid of life. They believe it helps to go to church... with Jesus, Mohammed and god.

In my opinion, the state arranges, that the young men becomes aggressive. Because a state, whatever which state, USA, Germany or France. Without aggressive men, they can't run their states. Above all, they can't make war. Without aggressive men, there would be no possibility to make war. Because those men go to war. And back to the issue of sexuality. In the early 70's, we thought, that it would be a good thing for young men to live out their sexuality. We thought that they get peaceful. But this opinion hasn't survived in the public so long because the state doesn't need peaceful young men.

source: Interview with Will McBride (photographer) by Christian E. Klinger;; Anchor: Daniela Krien; amadelio; 2006