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Have you heard of Tilmann S.? The company Young Boy Music Inc. has released this boy's first CD 'Romantic Songs'. According to the accompanying booklet, eleven-year-old Tilmann is to be the next big thing after Heintje and Aaron Carter. The youthful artist himself has chosen the tracks on his first album, such as 'No Matter', 'Yesterday', and 'Only You'. The result is, shall we say, pathetic. It is only too clear that Tilmann is no match for Aaron Carter, and especially not for Heintje. Rarely have I heard a boy sing so out of tune. Nonetheless we wish Tilmann and his producer all the best. They might be able to make some money out of less critical listeners who rather appreciate Young Boy (Music). Those who are curious can surf to Tilmann (great photos):


A message on BBC Ceefax on 24 July:

Paedophiles "can be as young as five"

The NSPCC has called for a new national network to help prevent children as young as five from becoming paedophiles. A scheme could aid early identification and make it possible for authorities to intervene. The charity is seeking £2m to set up young sex abuser projects. The call follows the jailing of student Dominic McKilligan, 19, for the rape and murder of 11-year-old schoolboy Wesley Neailey. There are already 18 UK NSPCC projects for paedophiles as young as five.

A reaction:

To Tony Blair and the UK government,

I read on Ceefax that finally a project has been set up to treat pedophiles at the youngest possible age. Very well! Learn young, learn fair, and cured young... well, I'm not sure what the outcome of such a course of action will be. But still, congratulations! However, I would like to bring something to your attention which you probably failed to notice. Upon inquiry, it appeared that no project has yet been set up for children with a zoophile inclination. In view of the well-being of animals, measures need be taken immediately to start such a project I would propose the three-year-old boy next door to be enrolled first. If only you could witness the way he treats cats! When he has a cat on his lap, he purrs louder than the animal itself. It's just not healthy! The other day, when the weather was fine, he was walking nude in the garden. Crowing with pleasure, he inserted his penis into the mouth of the dog who happened to be panting next to him (the neighbors have an old spaniel). The poor creature. The boy's parents just laughed about it, yet I am certain that this behavior proves his tendency for some type of deviant behavior. This, you will agree with me, needs to be cured as soon as possible. My question is: could you please inform me early of the initiation of a zoophile project, so that the boy next door can be enrolled? I for one will try and start a lobby in Holland to have pedophiles, ephebophiles, necrophiles, gays, and people who are cruel to animals treated directly after birth. I always say: it's better to lock the stable door before the horse is butchered! I have sent copies of this letter to Greenpeace and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Dick Snip


As the above article shows, the attitudes towards pedophilia are getting harsher all the time in Great Britain. Bills have been introduced that propose making the acceptance of jobs involving children a penal act for people who have at some stage been convicted for abuse. Even applying for such a position will be punishable! People who employ a convicted abuser risk a maximum jail sentence of five years and an unrestricted fine. The goal of all these new measures is 'making life as difficult as possible for abusers of children', as a BBC television commentator put it.


In Holland the situation isn't much better. According to a report in the newspaper de Volkskrant on 20 July, the Dutch Minister of Justice Korthals wants all police forces to have specialized vice detectives from next year on. He is also in favor of the installation of a special public prosecutor for indecency offenses. These are the two least radical measures the minister plans to take to improve the possibilities of countering sexual violence against children. The most remarkable measure is his plan to abandon the 'requirement of complaint' in the Dutch moral law. This requirement involves the necessity of filing a complaint before people who engage in sexual conduct with children between 12 and 16 can be persecuted. If this act is abandoned, children in this age group don't need to file complaints about sexual abuse anymore. Lastly, the minister wants to raise the minimum age for starring in a pornographic film to 18, where this age is now fixed at 16. These bills are yet to be decided on.

source: 'Scraps from OK 70'; OK Magazine, no. 70; October 1999