We strongly oppose the exclusion of pedophiles from our gay community

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Dear friends,

We learned that ILGA's newly acquired UN status is jeopardized by an attack of the United States' mission, if the pedophile member groups will not withdraw their ILGA membership. We know that this status is important for gays and lesbians worldwide. But we strongly oppose the exclusion of pedophiles from our gay community. Pedophile oriented persons have the same right of sexual self-determination and consensual sexuality as any of us. The fight for this fundamental human right must not be relinquished or reduced because of the political pressure or any government. Where would we end up, if we made concessions in this respect?

NAMBLA's objectives are, as far as we know, absolutely in agreement with principles of sexual self-determination for children and with the UN declarations of human rights and children's rights. NAMBLA disapproves any sexual cruelty to children. We therefore urgently request ILGA not to yield to the blackmail of the United States' UN mission. ILGA has to safeguard the interests of all homosexual persons including pedophiles. It seems to be necessary to inform certain politicians that pedophile emancipation is different from sexual abuse of children and that it does not contradict UN's principles.

We support the ILGA membership of NAMBLA, Martijn and other emancipative pedophile organizations. They must be able to continue their important work within the international gay movement. If, however, the pedophile groups by themselves should decide to suspend or to withdraw their ILGA membership in the present difficult situation, ILGA as a whole is obliged to represent the pedophile concern in its worldwide fight for gay liberation.

With kind regards
Burghard Richter

source: Letter to ILGA by Burghard Richter (Verein für sexuelle Gleichberechtigung e.V. Schwulengruppe, München); 2 November 1993