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Love in a slave society - by Jay Baskins (p. 2)

Truth and integrity: the crisis - by Dave Riegel (p. 4)

Winter 1999: The "NetWar" issue - by Ianthe (p. 6)

The history of sexuality - about Foucault - author unknown (p. 16)

Intimate relationships between young people and adults; Are there criteria for a positive experience? - by Frank van Ree (p. 19)

Abuse by definition? The taboo as excuse - by Frank van Ree (p. 23)

Four questions and four answers - by James Kincaid (p. 26)

Is this child pornography? - by James Kincaid (p. 30)

The culture of child-molesting - by James Kincaid (p. 31)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-20

source: IPCE Newsletter E8; June 2000