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The Turning Point - by André (p. 3)

Science and morality or the Rind et al. controversy - By Frans Gieles (p. 4)

An explanation of the statistics used in the Meta-analysis - By Dr. Frans Gieles (p. 11)

Boys and sexual abuse: an English opinion - By D.J. West (p. 14)

Pedophilia, science, and self-deception - A criticism of sex abuse research - By Arne Frederiksen (p. 26)

Strategic considerations: Foucault and man/boy love - by Mike van Houten (p. 32)

Sam Manzie speaks the truth (p. 35)

Documentation service: list December 1999 (p. 36)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-19

source: IPCE Newsletter E7; December 1999